VST Viewer window positioning

the storage of position of Viewer windows is strange.
in some cases the screen position is the main screen, no matter where you moved it when you save the project / part.
In some projects it works, in some other not.
My suspition: the first position is always remembered, no matter if you delete the viewer module in the meantime, store the project, load a new viewer module - does not help.
my setup is a 3 screen setup. positioning works with all VST instruments perfectly, and as I said somtimes with Viewer. but only sometimes.
regards Christian

Hi @Christian_Cvrcek,

it’s (already) fixed and has been added to the next Update. Meanwhile the last position will only (!) be saved when the editor was closed. So the workaround is : Move the Viewer-Editor to its position, close it and save your project.

See you,