VST Vintage Synth Downloads - renaming, folders etc.

Hello Everyone,

I have downloaded a number of vintage 70’s synths for free but I want to rename them and organise them properly.
Firstly, if the synth is just a .dll can I just rename the file and have it in C/Programs/VSTplugins?
Secondly, a lot of plugins come in a zip file, with other files as well as the main .dll such as fx.dll or presets externally to the main .dll. I can’t extract them in the above location so I am extracting them elsewhere and pulling the main .dll out to put in /VSTplugins. Obviously this will not work as intended, with the additional functionality, but I can’t get Cubase to see into individual folders within C/Programs/VSTplugins.

Ideally I would like to have all plugins (or keyboards as they were originally) in a separate folder, named:

Yamaha CS-5
Oberhiem OB-X
Arp Odyssey
Korg Monopoly

So that when I find them in Rack/Track they are named as the keyboards I recognise, with all the intended functionality.

Is this possible, or should I learn the new name for the keyboards?

How do I get the entire contents of the zip files to work in Cubase?


hm, depends on the plugin if it allows for renaming of its dll. Every plugin is different in that regard so you need to contact the creator to find out how they where planning their stuff to work (or not :wink: )
But wouldn’t it be easier to just use the cubase plug-in manager? You could just create collections instead of folders. No need for annoying and propably dangerous work on the files…

You find it at Devices > Plug-In manager inside in cubase.

Thanks Tekknovator, I will have a go with that.