vst virtual keyboard problem

Hi people… basic i guess but frustrating…

Im trying to input with the virtual keyboard built into Halion sonic… i hear the sounds… when i click on the notes with the mouse…but no data is recorded… when I go into list editor, and click on the side bar keyboard…notes sound, and i see the notes on the sonic vst keyboard depress. done the opposite way though, i.e. depress the notes on the Halio sonic vst keyboard, the list editor keys dont respond.
Also i noticed the real “basic” virtual keyboard on the transport panel DOES transmit recorded data… ( i see recorded notes in the editor)
I never intend to record with the vst keyboard of course, Im just finding my way round, any help welcome please.

Is it a routing problem , a setting on the vst keyboard?? I cant see it!




This is matter of internal MIDI signal routing. The MIDI signal simply doesn’t come from the Virtual Instrument to the Input of the track. Therefor, you cannot see it on the Key Editor’s keyboard. From the Instrument track, only audio signal is sent to the track. This is also the reason, why the MIDI signal is not recorded, if you “play” on the virtual keyboard of the Instrument.

At the other hand, the signal from the Key Editor is (logically) routed to the virtual instrument, so you can hear (and see) the sound/key.

Cubase internal virtual keyboard (on the Transport panel) is real MIDI input (it’s always part of “All MIDI Inputs”). So it’s the same as any hardware MIDI Input.

Hi! I have the same problem and I don’t know what to do to fix it. I was trying to make a drum track with groove agent se in my cubase 7.5. I’ve got sound when I click on the pads with the mouse, but when I’m trying to play with the virtual keyboard no sound appears, just peak signals on the track.
have I done any routing wrong or what can I do. is there a video or recipe that can cure this?


Do you use an Instrument track or a MIDI track?

If you use MIDI track, then the peak means, any MIDI signal has been send to the output of the MIDI track. But it’s possible, no sound is mapped to this dedicated MIDI Note. Than I would recommend to Transpose the Virtual Keyboard.

If you use an Instrument track, then the peaks are an Return audio signal. So you should really hear something, if you can see the peak.

Thanx Martin. Transposing the virtual keyboard was the answer I needed. I hope I’ll remember that the next time I enter into this problem :slight_smile: