VST Visualisation

Hi Cubasters!

Could anybody recommend a good VST visualisation plugin for Cubase? I would like something that is metered. Really it is eye-candy, but most of the visualisation programs I have seen do not have any real metering or anything so they insult my intelligence. The Cubase Spetroscope is good but a bit boring, year in year out. Same colours, no customisation. Same with the Scopion - fun but too much frame and not enough movement or colour.

We also tried ‘Whitecap’ which has lots of variations but these are not really designed for musicians. They just have a wave or something that flies around and changes colour but does not tell you anything about the music.

Am I just getting jaded in my old age??? :ugeek: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

Span from Voxengo is one of my favorites.
Why not do a search on KVR Audio?

I’m using Visualizer, from Nugen audio:


Here the promo video:


Works great!

I have TRacks Metering (on the master channel) always open in the lower left corner the screen. I also have Voxengo Span on the master channel which I use when I need a more detailed analysis. I set up the generic remote so that when I press a button on my midi controller it opens the GUI for Span so I don’t need to open the mixer to get to it.