VST Volume cuts out when recording in Nuendo 7


I have Nuendo 7 and a bunch of Virtual Instruments. When I start a new session and try to record from my midi keyboard the volume of my VST cuts out. I can see the midi data but can’t hear the audio. If I toggle the VST volume up and down it sometimes brings the audio back. If I edit the expression automation the volume sometimes comes back. It’s not my midi keyboard as I have swapped it out and tried another. This also happens when I play back midi data in a track. Not sure if I am running out of RAM or what. It happens when I have one instrument open or 5 open. It’s really making composing a struggle. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

Intel Core i7 -2600 CPU @3.40GHz
Win 7 64 bit


Please open the MIDI Monitor Insert plug-in, and watch the list of incoming MIDI messages. Maybe, you will find, some unwanted data are streaming.

What do you mean by “VST Volume”? Do you mean the fader of the VST Instrument Track?

Thanks Martin,

I will check that out. The midi track volume slider stays in place but the audio just cuts out. If I play with the vst instruments volume slider by toggling up and down it often brings the sound back. Sometimes the sound output is so low I can’t hear it. I noticed my audio as a whole has been cutting out now as well. Every few seconds. I have a feeling it may be by MOTU Audio Interface. I am thinking of trying an RME.