VST volume low? SOLVED

Is anyone having problems with the volumes on there synths? I’m using Vanguard and the volume is full up but the meter and volume for that channel is way down. Ive also checked to make sure I haven’t written any automation. The only thing that seems to clear the problem is unloading the synth then re-loading then the volume comes back. Any thoughts?

Sometimes my cat jumps on my midi keyboard and randomly messes all knobs and faders - usually it all ends with unexpected changes in some VSTis, and many times I can’t even find a knob to get everything back.))

Yes, I have had this with an orchestral VSTi, and in my case it wasn’t the Midi Volume (CC7) that was causing trouble. It turned out to be a CC number which Cubase thinks should be chased automatically (there are a number of these that are hard wired for chasing in Cubase, CC7 is one of them, Aftertouch is another etc.). I sorted it by looking in the preferences of the VSTi and changing it’s default CC number to one which isn’t chased. It could have been the Expression CC but I can’t 100% remember.

To see which CCs are always chased by Cubase use MidiOX, or maybe you can use the built-in Midi Monitor plugin these days.

This also effects one of my hardware synths too, so if this volume change problem happens for external synths then try using midiox to filter the CC out. Place it between two midiyoke ports… Couldn’t change the CC on the external synth so filtering out was the only way.

There is also another source of problem that can occur, and that’s adding midi automation to different lanes when they’re on the same instrument and the same midi channel. This causes havoc because now you’ve got two competing automation lanes controlling the same thing, and on my system it’s not always clear which one gets priority. Sometimes to avoid this I prepare a midi track which I use just for automation duties, with automation off on all other midi tracks. Keeps it easier to understand then!


Hi Mike-many thanks for the info! I shall certainly take on board what you said and let you know if it solves the problem my end :slight_smile:
All the best

Hi Mike I tried the Midi Monitor which seem to have solved the problem :slight_smile:

Cool, glad I could help.

But hang on, the midi monitor doesn’t do anything except display things, or did you (does it?) do something else?

Just to clear up how you fixed it for future readers it’d be great to see just what you did… Also, as it’s now fixed it’d be good to edit of the title to include [SOLVED} in it. This is my librarian side speaking, sorry :slight_smile:


Im a bit clueless when it come to the amount of midi options there are so I just thought Id try the midi monitor and suddenly the volume returned! when I get time I’ll have a look and see what options its capable of-meanwhile I will ad Solved :slight_smile: