VST Volume Reset

Can someone please help me resolve this issue I am having regarding a VST Instrument.

For some reason when ever I playback a part( ie Piano) the volume jumps back up at the start of the pattern even if i turn it down, it jumps back up again when it plays the same pattern or loops back round.

I hope this is clear, and please advise on this a.s.a.p. (due to do some recording work on Thursday) as I need it fixed.

Many thanks.

You don’t give a lot of information, but most likely scenarios are either that you have some fader automation (channel showing green R light)

…or that you have written some volume data into the part.

To see this data, go into the key editor and, looking at the lower lane, change the Velocity to CC7 Main volume. You should see any data. If you can’t see a lower lane, click on the + sign in the bottom left side of the key editor to add one.


You got it, spot on and fixed the problem for me.

Thank you very much for your help and keep giving out good advice. :smiley:

Thanks again

Another easy way is to go into the List editor, and you can see all midi information in the oart, and easily delete CC events etc.