I added a VST track to a set of audio tracks and cannot get a volume loud enough to mix in with the audio tracks. Besides the MIXER are there other places where the volume is adjusted? PLEASE ADVISE!


What VSTi are you using? Is there a volume control on the edit screen of the VSTi?

Turn down the vsti to balance the audio.

Look for “volume handles” if your version has them?

I’m using Ai4. halion1 (?) Is the instrument and using piano patch. volume is up all the way on the HALION .


Oops… I misread your post.

It’s the vst that’s not loud enough.

Some things to try.
Turn down the audio tracks and turn up the master.
Try using midi volume controller 7.
Group the vsti output and turn the group channel up.
Put a plugin like the stock compressor in the vsti audio channel and without using any compression turn up the output.
Increase the velocity of the midi.

One or a combination of the above.