VST Window Too Small To Read On 4K Laptop

I’ve searched using terms that make sense to me, but I’ve been unable to find the thread(s) where this issue has been raised before.

I have a 4K-ish laptop running Dorico 2 Pro on Windows 10, and when the VST panel opens up for HSE or HSO the graphics and text are nearly impossible to read, much less use. Yes, I can reduce the monitor’s resolution, but that throws everything else on my computer out of whack.

Can somebody point me to the previous thread(s) or comment on the current state of affairs with this issue? Or is reducing monitor resolution the only solution for now?

Known problem: they are working on it.

Thank you, Derrek.

I have a 4k laptop (15") and can’t see a thing in any app unless I scale the display (still set resolution to 4k).

the purpose of 4k laptops is to avoid aliasing, rather than make everything really small, the Windows 10 scaling options (e.g. magnification factor) rather than changing the resolution, are a much better option. Advanced scaling options in Windows 10 allow you to set scaling per app as well.

I installed some updates the other day - Windows has been pestering me about them for a couple of weeks - and suddenly Halion is showing beautifully scaled on my 4K screen.

It’s worth a shot…

Hmm…I was recently “pusehd” a Windows 10 update that was installed. I’ll have to check on that. Thanks pianoleo.