VST won't play Cubase midi drums

Good morning, my first time posting.

I’ve used Cubase off and on for a few years but entirely new to VST Live. If I could get this one thing figured out I think that it holds a lot of promise and would probably buy the Pro version after the free trial runs out.

I have a song I exported from Cubase using the VST file export feature in the windows version (File>VST Live). All audio tracks import and play fine but the midi drum track has an issue.

I used Groove Agent 5 LE to select the drum kit I wanted in Cubase LE, and I’ve selected that in VST Live as well. the VU meter on the track shows that there is signal in, but it’s like it doesn’t output to anything. In mixer view there is a fader for “Groove Agent SE” but the VU meter doesn’t move.

Back to the track the drum track doesn’t have an option to “Select Output Device” like the audio devices use, so how do I route audio out to the stereo out fader?

I know I’m probably missing something simple or fundamental but after several hours and several Google searches I still can’t figure out what.

Thanks in advance…

…and just like that, literally 10 minutes after posting the original post I had it figured out. It was user error with Groove Agent. If you are using it, make sure you choose or save a preset. Now it works as it should.