VST works in CUBASE 5 but not 6?

I am trying to use wizoo darbuka, when I try to launch it, I get a blank GUI.

Wizoo Latigo, works fine, and when I close down Cubase 6 and launch Cubase 5 the VST seems to work just fine.

When I Launch 5 both the original version of the VST and the automap version appear in my instrument list.

In Cubase 6 the automap version is not in the list (nor is a Back up version of the dll)

Any ideas hoe to get it working in 6.05 again.

Sometimes this seems to cause Cubase to freeze on shut down, and then it takes many attempts with task manager to get it to quit.

(I am noe trying to upgrade to 6.07 in hopes that it may help.

are you using C6 x64 version and the regular x86 version of C5