In the Cubase 6 folder under “VST XMLs” there are VST XML files for Embracer, Monologue, Loopmash, GA1, and a few other panners/mixers. They are all titled something like “Generic 8 Cells” (or more cells).
I am interested in what these are. I have done some reading about Device Panels and saw that you could even have panels for VST instruments in the inspector. These particular files don’t seem to be Panels, however, or at least I don’t seem to understand how to load or import them.

I also thought they might be Generic Remote controller setups but couldn’t get anywhere with the theory either.
Maybe they are just remnants from an older version of Cubase?

Anyway, if anyone knows, I would be very interested…


I am going to bump this topic once. Hopefully, someone knows exactly that nature of these XML files. It appears they are a “Remote Control” XML for said plug-ins, but they don’t seem to “import” into the Generic Remote utility. Now that C6.5 is “at the end of it’s cycle” and I plan to stay put for the foreseeable future, I am “cleaning house”. I am removing stuff I don’t use such as surround plug-ins, the video stuff and some of the old (particularly the bridged ones) synths like Monologue and Embracer.

Anyway, to get to the point, these XML files will probably be in the recycle bin by the end of the week unless someone can “put in a good word for them”. :smiley:


Let us know what kind of words you are putting in for them after deleting. :slight_smile:
(Meaning, I am interested as well. )

I have figured out two things that the VST XML files do.
First, they affect the default assignments in the Quick Controls (for the instruments).
Also, on my Axiom Pro, the order of the parameters are different with the XML files present.
All the parameters are there and editable, it just seems to put the ones that are more likely to be used first (like master volume, cutoff, resonance, etc.)
So, I think it is the plug-ins way of telling Cubase how it want’s to present the parameters.

One thing that has me baffled is that there is a VSTXML file for “Standard Panner”. Now, I know that there are Standard Panners in Cubase (from the plug-in information page) but they are “embedded”. Then I wondered why there wasn’t a basic panner insert? what if you wanted to pan a signal between two inserts in a chain?