hi every1,
been workin on cubase for sometime now i will try kontact sampler and vst to work in cubase.
i usually write orchestra stuff, i’ve heard about eastwest, lass, hs, 8dio, but i’m not sure if they serve my taste.
i like scores of national treasure, karate kid 1- 2, sorcerers apprentice, indiana jones, spiderman 1-2.

in those lines can u suuggest some vst’s


Depends on the level of realism and variety of playing styles you’re going to be going for in your productions. Also budget…

LASS and Hollywood Strings are Top dog pricey, at around $1000 for the full versions, but they’re incredible. Having said that, there have been times where I’ve used Kontakt 's and HALion’s native string library–they don’t do it all, but they do a few things very well.

Perhaps try composing with the native libraries you have, then decide. I know LASS sells packs of strings that do just sordino or pizzicato, etc

Miroslav philharmonic is a very underrated orchestral vst, it’s featured on loads of film scores and is easy to use and it’s cheap, yes it’s 32 bit but i use it in Cubase 7.5.3 64 bit with no problems…

Never heard of this one, shadowfax! I’ll have to demo it.

I use it a lot, but I have to admit that Miroslav is too limited if you are looking for something more realistic.

I think nothing can beat Vienna software when we are talking about orchestra stuff. But it is not cheap ( but you can try special editions).

Hi there,

An obvious choice is http://www.steinberg.net/en/landing_pages/halion_symphonic_orchestra_vst_sound_instrument_set_kaufen

for one simple reason, the integration between scoring and sample triggering is really good. I use VSL, Kontak and HS - but for ease of scoring, tools like VST expression help at creating realistic passages.

If you layer the strings in Miroslav it’s almost impossible to tell the difference from 8dio…I have both and wish I hadn’t bought 8dio

when it comes to individual strings and articulations then 8 dio is the way to go or LASS which i personaly think is better…good luck with your choice :slight_smile:

Here the correct link for the Halion Symphonic sound set:


It packs a very wide range of orchestral instruments at an extremely affordable price in comparison with the competition. It is standalone since a few weeks too.

There are in fact plenty of players on the market at price ranges between zero and a few hundred dollars/euro’s.
None of them are bad in terms of quality, except maybe the free ones that naturally suffer from being a free vst.
Also another player is nice for orchestral things: garritan.
Just to mention that one too.

But hey, there is no comparison with a Vienna soundset or East West and LASS and all those other libraries that have a complete different price setting and need a very different system to be used conveniently.
If it is a first time library, i would never suggest those expensive ones, because you need deeper understanding of how to deal with them technically too.

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