VST2 not retaining file paths

I have both installed, only VST3 show up when trying to load.

In 7.5 I could always choose, both versions were listed.

U-he Zebra I use VST2 as VST3 has know issues, now I can only see VST3 ( ///) listed.
How can I change this & see both as before?

Open the plugin manager, click on the cog icon on the bottom left of the screen and make sure the file path to your VST2 plugins is correct.

Hi Greg,

Yes, all the paths are there & I also re-scanned.

I now notice the vst folders are being re-set every time I load projects. When I open the path they appear at my Cubase project folders ( E) instead of the vst folder paths located in C.

I started working with 8 again this morning.

The VST2 plugin paths were again missing, I have to add them over again each time I open a project.

I seem to run into the same issue… have been working with CB8 last night for the first time, set up my custom paths, lost them this morning when I loaded my test project again… could not find the plugs I had scanned for last night anymore. Project midi was saved though, but no sound sources…

Maybe a bug?