VST2 not supported Cubase 12 native M1

I’d like to understand more about the removal of VST2 support on M1 Macs with version 12.

This is potentially a big issue for me as many old projects based on VST2 instruments will not work. Plus there’s no guarantee that plug-in suppliers are going to upgrade to VST3 so some valuable plugins will become unusable in future.

Not only that, but the fallback position of using Cubase 11 does not have a long support lifetime as it will not be supported on future MacOS versions from some point.

This means that getting access to old projects seems to require users to keep an old machine available, running an old OS, to run unsupported Cubase 11, unless I’ve misunderstood.

I’d like to find out if there is a better solution. I have a few questions.

Can we run Cubase 12 and later versions under Rosetta on M1 Macs? If so, will they support VST2 in that mode?

Will we be able to open projects with VST 2 instruments in Cubase 12 and later, so that we can save the instrument settings for the VST 2 versions (as part of the process of replacing VST2 plugins with VST3 versions)?

When will Cubase 11 become unsupported?

VST2 should work in Cubase 12 under Rosetta mode.

I keep old Windows and Mac machines around just for the purpose of running legacy projects and doing the rare recall, I don’t plan on stopping that for Cubase 12.

As for later versions of Cubase, I could be wrong but I think VST2 is being phased out of all versions of Cubase in time, just that M1 is the first. I think.

how can you state that VST2 will work in Cubase 12 under a MAC os when Steinberg has stated “Cubase 12 will not support vst2” ?? When I saw the Cubase 12 statement it seem clear to me that Steinberg has chosen to move on and it is not a OS thing

Taken from the Cubase 12 announcement thread:

“Please be aware that VST 2 is not supported on native Apple silicon, except when run in Rosetta 2 mode.”

so that VST2 support is only MAC? wow, then I have really misunderstood that Steinberg statement from a while back. Maybe the fact that I know nothing about MAC’s did help too. So for Windows this is not an issue?

That’s it. At least, until the next big update after Cubase 12. But it will eventually happen, sooner or later, so it’s safer to use VST 3 plugins when possible.