VST2 plugin not saving settings in Dorico


I’m trying to use a VST2 plugin with Dorico (conTimbre demo). After whitelisting it, it works, expression maps send program change messages, everything sounds right.

However, it doesn’t save its settings in the Dorico project. When I reopen a project, conTimbre has all its programming reset to default.

In Logic I can use the AU version of the plugin, and everything is correctly saved in the project. Maybe not saving is a limitation of the VST2 with Dorico, not being fully supported?

Is there a workaround to make it work?

I wonder if Dorico for Mac will, in the future, become compatible AU.


Hi Paolo, I suspect that Dorico is not the problem and think it is rather the plug-in itself.
I guess it is not fully implemented under VST and therefore behaves that way.
For other VST2 plug-ins Dorico does save the plug-in’s state in the project, so it’s a least not a general issue.

I would suggest you get a Cubase Elements trial version ( https://new.steinberg.net/cubase/trial/ ) and see how that plug-in behaves in Cubase. I guess the same.

And I have to disappoint you, Dorico will not become AU compatible, at least not for a long time.

Ulf, thank you very much for your answer. Very clear. As soon as I can download Cubase, I’ll do the try.


I can happily report that I can use the conTimbre AU plugin via VSL Vienna Ensemble Pro! All settings seem to be preserved in the Dorico project, that sends channels and patches to VEPRO when opening a document.