VST2 Plugins…

Hi there!

While trying to add Kontact Player VST, I added the VST2 path - which worked!

The downside is that my KORG Software Pass has “helpfully” installed VST 2 & 3 files which means I now see duplicates. On the upside the plugins instrument list tells me which ones are which (with those crazy little apostrophes) - the downside is that the instrument drop down in the Layers window doesn’t.

Can we have a simple way to disable plugins, and remember the exclusions on its next scan? I know I can rename the files but what if I need them somewhere else? Also next time KORG updates it’ll put the files back in again, and there’s no option of which ones to install (which is dumb).

Also when VST2 plugins have been scanned the Devices->Plug-in Information window no longer shows anything.

Finally a suggestion: In Layers - If the instrument selectors were changed to text input that autofilled as you type, showed a filtered list on Enter, and could be cleared to select nc that would useful to those with massive VST collections. Obviously a button would be needed to show the full list.


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Hi @CliveJ,

that are very good points. We are trying to get it added to the next updates.