VST2 Plugins hidden when VST3 Versions are installed??

Hi there, as the title says, Cubase 6 seems set to hide VST2 Plugins when VST3 Versions of the same plugin are installed??

The problem being, I have a few buggy VST3s and sometimes they wont load for some reason. i would like to be able to still access the VST2 versions at this point but they are not available, I need to somehow tick a box somewhere to re-enable them…

Cant someone point me in the right direction please?

Thanks in advance

Devices > Plugin Info ?

Nope, nothing there… if there are vst3 versions installed, the vst2 versions don’t even show up in “Plugin Info”

Can someone help please?

Have you done a manual search for the dll files or looked in typical locations such as program files\VstPlugins?

You can define several plugin locations in plugin info.
So you might point to older cubase installs as well…

Correct folders are selected in cubase and all dll files are in the correct places… My point is that when a vst3 version is installed, cubase disregards the vst2 version and it is not displayed in plugin info or anywhere else for that matter.

Well, if you really prefer the vst2 ones over the vst3, you can disable the latter by altering their extension to .dl_