VST2 plugins in Cubase 12 on Windows 10


Can someone please confirm whether I should be able to use my VST2 plugins in Cubase 12? I know they’re being phased out by Steinberg, but from the small amount of info I’ve found on the net, I think should still be able to use them on Windows. But when I fire up Cubase 12, all I see in the plugin manager are VST3 plugins.



VST 2 works on windows for Cubase

Note that if the VST2 plugins have the same ID as the VST3 (which is usually a ‘good thing’) then Cubase hides the VST2 versions.

Also worth checking that the VST2 paths are defined correctly in the plugin manager

64-bit VST2 plugins work fine in Cubase 12 on Windows 10 … are your missing ones perhaps 32-bit?