VST2 Sidechain

Why any other DAWs can do that? More like - Why Cubase can’t?? I have one cool compressor that is VST2 only and I desperately need to use it on sidechain…
…and doing it via quad channel is NOT something to be proud of advising…

Sidechaining wasn’t officially part of the VST2 specification. Other hosts implement it in a hacky way.

Almost all of the most commonly used VST effects support VST3 now, so this hasn’t been a big deal in a while.

I didn’t expect it, but VST3 seems to be what everyone is progressing to. So like Romantique I don’t think of this as an issue anymore.

I also miss that from other DAWs. Routing, grouping and sends is much easier and powerful in Ableton Live for exemple. Every audio or midi output channels can be routed to any other audio or midi input. It was very fast and easy. It had me working in a different way and sometimes that’s good and inspiring. Working like that, It does not matter if VST 2 or 3, any channel can be some other channel’s input so there you go. You did not have to activate the often non existant “Sidechain” feature. It was great.

Not true for all. There are DAW’s that are sticking with VST2.

I meant that plugins are developed as VST3s more and more often. And eh, I’m guessing a VST2-only DAW has its own sidechain solution. Even FL Studio supports VST3 though, I don’t think there’s a real excuse for others not to support it.

Ableton Live is the only relevant VST host that doesn’t support VST3 at all yet. Even obscure DAWs support it.

Ironically, Cubase is the host which doesn’t support sidechain with VST2 (without workarounds).

My own preference is for VST 2 because it just works. What VST3 added is something someone like myself would never use. Although the auto-off when not in use is handy to have.


It’s not ironic that Steinberg wants to push their own solution they made with VST3.

VST3, just like 64bit is the way forward. No use updating the ancient VST2 standard.

By phasing out what they championed and what made them successful? I don’t think so.