vst2 to vst 3 converting presets help plse

Hello All

I am finally converting to 64 bit but i have one huge hiccup that i cannot find a solution to. I have a number of vsti’s and pluggins that i have been using cubase’s preset manager which I am now realizing was foolish/ short sighted. All the new versions of the pluggins cannot open these presets.

My most daunting task is Zebra which is now fully vst3 and 64 bit and I have over 600 presets that are in .vstpreset format but the new instrument cannot read any of them and there is no functionality for importing the old ones in cubase AFAIK. I have searched the manual and the net with no luck.

Also Ozone 4 to 5 - I cannot import any of the .vstpresets from ozone 4 to ozone 5 - i have tried a number of tactics hoping to circumvent the problem.

How have other users dealt with this issue? is there a tool for batch converting?!? if so it’d definitely be worth the $