Vst2-version of plugin

Hi! I am using cubase 12 pro. I have amplitube 5 and I want to use the vst2-version of this plugin in cubase. The path for where the vst2-version is located is added in the plugin manager, but I only see the vst3 version of the plugin when I try to add it to an audio channel. :S The vst2-version doesnt show up in the VST-efffect list either, only the vst3 version does. If someone could help my I would be very thankful!


If Cubase finds VST2 and VST3 version of the same plug-in, it takes the VST3 version only. If you want to use VST2 version, uninstall the VST3 one, please.

Thanks for the info. Is it ok to just rename the vst3 file instead?


I don’t think it’s enough to rename the file. It might be enought to rename the file extension (i.e. *.vst3 to *.vst3_ for example). If this doesn’t help, you can ZIP the file and delete the original.

But I would recommend to use VST3.

No, it’s not enough to rename the file, VST3 plugins have ID and name embedded in the file itself.

I put unused plugins in an “Unused VST” folder in the same position as the VST3 folder for these cases, though I rather use it for older VST2.

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Ok, so you mean that instead of uninstalling the vst3 version, I can move it to another folder, and then do a rescan of plugins in cubase?

One more question regarding uninstalling amplitube 5. I found an icon: “uninstall amplitube 5”, but I guess that will uninstall all versions, both vst3 and vst2. Do you know how to uninstall just the vst3? Or can I just delete the vst3 icon?


You can delete (or ZIP or move to another folder) just the *.vst3 file.

Exactly, or as Martin wrote, zip it or delete it (I tend to avoid deleting, just in case).

Not needed, just move or zip the file, then start Cubase: it will ‘know’ the VST3 version is no longer there.