VST2, VST3, 32bits, 64 bits, automap, is a MESS !

A bit of History
I’ve been waiting one year to switch from XP to W7 64bits.
I noticed a lot of incompatibilities between the 32bits and 64bits version. And the automap version of some plug-ins simply freeze Cubase during loading. Or Cubase ASIO meter display no activity, no mixer meter activity and no sound at all…

After days of struggle to make my projects created under XP work under W7, I really need your help fellow members :

1- Is it possible to have both the automap version and the original coexist in Cubase 6.5 ? In order to transfer the settings between the two. Because now Cubase choose one version and don’t display the other while they are both working.

2- How can I transfer the automap wrapped plug-in settings to the original version using the mediabay ? Before we can transfer settings using fxp, fxb files, but that was before. Thank you very much Steinberg.