VST2 - What is the purpose of the blacklist file?

I’ve finally gotten Aria Player VST2 to show up in Dorico, but no matter what I do, the EWQL PLay VST2 won’t show up.

I’ve been looking around and I find this file in the Steinberg\VSTAudioEngine_64 folder under Users[myname]\AppData\Roaming:
Vst2xPlugin Blacklist VSTAudioEngine.xml

There are two entries, both for play_VST_x64.dll in its two different locations. I’ve renamed the blacklist file so that Dorico can’t find it, and it simply rebuilds it. It’s as if for some reason my installation of Dorico has decided not to let me use that plug-in. I can’t figure out why, since it works in other music apps.

How can I get around this roadblock that Dorico is apparently throwing in my way?

I believe a plug-in gets added to the blacklist if it causes a crash in the audio engine when it is scanned. I guess that if you remove the plug-in from the blacklist and it causes the VST plug-in scanner to crash the next time it gets examined, then it will be added to the blacklist again. So the problem is not the blacklist, but that the plug-in itself is causing a crash.

Thanks for the explanation. And that helps clarify why VST2 support is not part of Dorico – some members of this forum are getting the Play vst2 plugin to work, yet on my system it apparently is causing a crash in the audio engine. Which is curious because it works in other apps on my machine as well as in the standalone version of Play.

I realize this is way beyond the scope of this forum, and it’s something I’ll have to keep tinkering with to see if I can somehow make it work.

I really appreciate all the time you and your team are spending on this forum, Daniel.

Thanks for the clarification on this point.

I can’t make this one work either. It may be that it works with the versions 4.x.x. I only have version 5.0.0 on this system.

I was also able to get Play 4.3.3 going in Win 7 Pro with the ID previously posted on the “VST2.x plugins are working” thread.
I did not try loading 5.0.0.
I used the EWQL Symphonic Orchestra library, the Gold Version for the test.