vst2wrapper problems on Windows

I am trying to wrap my VST3 plug-in using the vst2wrapper from v3.6.6 of the VST3 SDK, but it’s not being recognized by any host that I can find. So far I have not been able to find a host that in which I can even debug the scanning process to find out where it might be failing. The only one I’ve found that even tells me that the .dll exists in Digital Performer 9, but even if I attach to DP9 in VS2015, it doesn’t stop at any breakpoints.

I have followed the guidelines in the vst2wrapper.h, which is to include that file from my source code and implement the createffectInstance() function, but it just isn’t loading in any host.

Anyone know a host in which the vst2 scan can be debugged so I can hit my breakpoints (such as in the createEffectInstance() function itself)?

Anyone had this problem and found some VS project setting or other fix not mentioned in the vst2wrapper.h file that got it working?


FL Studio will let you debug, fwiw. You can let its plugin manager scan plugins without verifying (easier since verification runs it in a bridge process, so it’s more difficult to debug) and then load it into FL itself to debug.

Does your dll export [VSTPluginMain] correctly? You can check this with dumpbin like this:

<Path>/Microsoft Visual Studio 14.0\VC\bin>dumpbin.exe /EXPORTS MyPlugin.dll


D’oh! That was the problem! I had made sure that was in the .def file, but the project properties had an absolute path to a different .def file! Thanks for the hint!