I just noticed a bunch of my VST plugins have been put on the Blacklist.
I’ve deleted and rescanned but they still show up on the blacklist.

What causes a plugin to get put on the blacklist and how do i get them off?



Bad coding and/or incompatibility.



The thing I don’t understand is that these plugins were working on a previous version of Nuendo

Is “leveler” a steinberg plugin? It’s in my dynamics folder but is blacklisted.

and occasional false flags too, Fredo.
Happens all the time to me with any of these:
AVOX Articulator x64
Mark Studio 2
Amplitube 3
The “fix” is to delete the blackjlist.XML & t hey pass muster second time around. Tried filing support on all these with their devs but all I get is “we cannot reproduce this” even after I send crash logs

Thanks Neil,
I’ve deleted the blacklist a million times, no joy. What puzzles me is that they worked with N6.0

I did an “Update Plug-in Information” in Devices/Plug-in Information and now everything is showing up.