Vst3 activation

I just bought easy drummer 3 and I’m trying to install it into cubase 7( it didn’t automatically install into plugins) and they’re saying that I need to activate vst3 plugins can anybody help me with a step-by-step instructions on how to activate the vst3 for easy drummer 3
Thank you

Can you say what the message said exactly verbatim? VST3 doesn’t need to be “activated”

Thank you Steve. So sorry for the first reply. The forum said I couldnt post a link in my reply. I didnt…so I sent the test.
SO the message was " EZdrummer 3 does not have a .DLL, it only has a VST3 plug-in and that should always be in the default VST3 folder. Otherwise, your DAW will not detect it."

So Im trying to figure out how to have ez3 show up in my plugins list

I’ve also found out that I’m running 32 bit cubase. The email says to make sure im running 64bit now I am wondering if that is the issue?

Thanks again in advance for any guidance.