VST3 and global bypass functionality

It seems that more & more VST3 plugins are being released without bypass functionality.
Sonnox on WaveLab is a great example, and there are others I could also name (but cannot) and as soon as practicable, I will.
This functionality is apparently optional, and losing it is a disaster.
What happens to global channel bypass, and global insert bypass in VST mixers with no bypass hard wired into the plugin?
Mixer inconsistency, where you have no way of knowing if a bypass call is working to any given plugin or not.
It screws automation, forcing either on/off automation or a completely different approach where some plugs can be automated & others cannot - in short, a disaster.

Here’s a thing.
Can everyone please check all their VST3 plugins, and report back as to the bypass function - is it there, or is it not?
I’ll start the ball rolling with these that all have no bypass:

Sonnox Restoration Bundle, WaveLab version
Melodyne Editor

SSL Duende has lost the bypass bit turning them on and off seems to be no problem
and functions like bypass ie no clciks etc.