VST3 automation parameters with type discrete don't really work

edit: parameters with type discrete don’t work with most edit operations or copy & paste

Not understanding the problem.

I have no problem copying VST automation lanes from VST2 plugins and pasting them to VST3.

Host a sound in a VST2 version of East West Play.
Host a sound in a VST3 version of HALion.

Pick an automation lane from either plugin. Right click it, select all events. Ctrl-C to copy. Select another automation lane. Control-V to paste.

I can do it either way. From VST2 to VST3, or the other way around. I check all the nodes and they are the same.

How the very last node is handled can have something to do with settings in the automation panel.

If you’re talking about trying to ‘draw’ in stuff with the mouse, there are different settings to get different behaviors as well. Most of them can be toggled pretty easily with various key-combos, or mouse cursor selection types.

argh, you’re right, the title is completely wrong

Could you give an example of such a parameter that does not work for you?