VST3 Automigrate

Does anyone know if VSTL supports VST3 automigrate? I’m told Cubase does. I’ve just upgraded to Kontakt 7 and it would save SO much time if I can auto replace my Kontakt 6 instances with 7.

Hi @MorayM,

automigrate? I guess you are talking that VL should replace Plug-Ins with newer versions? Specially if it was a VST2 plug and now a VST3. Something like this?


I don’t know much about the VST3 SDK but I believe there’s functionality so that if an old version of a plugin is present, a new version of the same plugin can automatically replace it - but only if the host and the new version of the plugin implements it. This thread suggests that Cubase and Kontakt 7 supports this so I was wondering if VL did too.

EDIT: more on IPluginCompatibility here.

Hi, I don’t use VSTLive, but in Cubase that works only if a) of course the plugin supports it and b) the old plugins version is not available anymore. If the old one is still available (at least with VST2, didn’t test with VST3), it loads that.
I should assume that VSTL can so that too (it would be a bit embarrassing if not…). Have you tried removing the Kontakt6 plugin?

Thanks for the input, I’ve upgraded my laptop and have moved my project to a new laptop which only has Kontakt 7 installed. All it seems to have done is complained that Kontakt 6 isn’t available. I guess VL was forked from Cubase before Cubase implemented this feature?

… we’ll check. Thank you for the feedback,