VST3 Get Time Signature Changes & Tempo Map

Any know if VST3 can get Time Signature Changes and Tempo Map from the Host ?
So say the plugin needs to know the time signature changes and tempo changes on loading the vst3 , to create a midi or audio drum track without having to play the host through for it to get the changes.

I know Melodyne 4.2 with ARA can get the information it needs on loading without transfer in the Reaper beta in the VST3 format.

“Tempo and time signature changes:
With ARA, Melodyne follows all changes in tempo and time
signature in Studio One automatically. Without ARA, such changes have to be played through to
Melodyne in real-time.”


with VST3 you get only the tempo and signature changes on the fly during playback, no way to get in advance the whole tempo/signature track.

Thanks, may have to wait for VST4