VST3 in Cubase - no camera icon in plugin window header

I am solving a weird trouble. Our VST3 plugins do not have the camera icon and functions menu icon in the top right position of the plugin window. VST2 plugins do. I am not sure what can cause this.
I’ve also noticed the items are not placed in two rows for thin UI. Could it be related to fact mentioned icons are not shown?
Screenshot: VST2 version, VST3, zoomed VST3.

Thank you for any idea how to make it work.

this happens when the size of the newly created view, IPlugView, is empty (0,0,0,0)…
It should have a size!

thank you for fast response. You are right, the size was set to IPlugView later, after two calls to getSize(…).

Fixed it in our implementation, thank you very much.