VST3 Multiplie MIDI Outputs Questions

I am looking to create a midi effects VST instrument that does not generate or playback any sound, but outputs multiple midi chord, scale, arp, velocity effects. I am wanting to be able to route different device effects to different instruments within a DAW. I am wondering if the VST3 format will accommodate this.

I read where VST3 provides multiple midi outputs per device. Do these outputs come in the form of midi channels? Or do they show up in a DAW as different unique VSTi outputs?

Could you assign each output to an octave of midi tone selections from the MIDI effect VST instrument? Selecting tones C2-B2 would function as Chord Effects, Selecting tones C3-B3 would function as arp effects, etc.


the VST3 is mainly an audio SDK. It’s theoretically possible to just use the Event busses but it may not work in current DAW versions, as they are expecting audio input/output.
If you don’t care for an extra instrument channel in Cubase for example, you can add a dummy audio output and just produce silence.
For the question about the event outputs, please read the documentation. An event output bus is not limited by the MIDI spec, so it’s not tied to 16 channels per bus for example.

I hope this helps.


Thanks for the input Arne. It would definitely work as an extra instrument channel that produces silence, in the same vein as Cthulhu. I am not a coder, so the documentatation would probably go over my head. If the event output bus is not tied to 16 channels, would it be possible to have different outputs (Chords 1, Arp 1, Scale 1, etc.) related to different midi tone selections show up as potential midi inputs on other instrument tracks? If not, what do they mean by VST3 having multiple midi outputs? How do they show up in a DAW? Are they talking about the same midi output being applied to multiple tracks?