VST3 Ordering

I installed a few VST3 softsynths. These synths just show up in synths and not the folder they were installed into. I remember with VST2, you could put them in a folder and that folder would show up when selecting the VSTi. Can we no longer group things with VST3?

Thanks, Mr. Beer

VST3 have the category hard coded.

But you can override this and organise all your plugs any way you like with plugin manager.

Including having the same plug in multiple user defined categories (e.g. the same compressor in Favorites, Compressors & Mastering) or even no category at all - just listed at the top along with the categories.

Awesome, Thanks Grim and raino. I totally forgot about the Plugin manager.

Sorry to go slightly of topic, but does one of you know if it’s possible to autocratically sort (alphabetically) VST’s in user collection folders?

No you can’t - gotta do it by hand.

Thanks, think I’ll just use search then. :laughing: