VST3 plugin dependency on an external DLL

Hi, I’m new here,

I’m in the process of developing a VST3 plugin that requires a deep learning framework environment, such as TensorFlow. The plugin calls certain TensorFlow functions, necessitating the use of the TensorFlow DLL. I successfully built the VST3 plugin and attempted to load it in a DAW. However, I encountered an issue related to the DLL.

When I build the VST3 with a dependency on an external DLL, the DAW refuses to load the plugin. Strangely, if I build it without any dependency on the DLL, everything works fine, and the DAW lists all plugins, including my VST3. My question is, how can I correctly link an external DLL to ensure proper functionality?

I appreciate your time reading this, and I would be very thankful for a solution.

Additionally, VST3PluginTestHost doesn’t list my plugin if it has a dependency on an external DLL; conversely, it works fine without the DLL.
Moreover, Audacity disables the plugin when it has a dependency on the DLL; on the flip side, it enables the plugin without the DLL.

Correctly working with DLL’s on Windows is not easy. The easiest and most bug free solution is to install the dll you want to load from your plug-in in a predictable place and use a combination of LoadLibrary and GetProcAddress.

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