VST3-Plugin from RNBO not recognized

Hi, I am currently trying out Cycling74ā€™s RNBO and exported an example patch as VST3. It is recognized perfectly in Ableton as well as MAX/MSP, but not in Cubase 12. Did anyone else try that out successfully? Any ideas, what might have gone wrong? I would be grateful for any kind of input.



I did just very first test and Cubase loaded the plug-in for me.

Are you on Windows or Mac, please?

Thanks for sharing your result. I am using Windows 10. You?


Iā€™m on Mac. Did you make a simple test plug-in?

Yes, I used the Quick Start Patch found at the bottom of this page: RNBO Resources - Max 8 Documentation

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Ok, solved it. I did not know that the custom plug-in directories in Cubase only work for vst2, but not for vst3.

Thanks again and have a good week!

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