VST3 Plugins randomly become silent

I’ve had issues the last 6 months - 1 year on both an Intel iMac Pro and a Mac Studio M1 Ultra Max that certain plugins become silent, and won’t let audio through.

I don’t have any way of consistently reproducing it, it’s “one of those”. Only thing I can say is that it happens randomly when switching between tracks, I’m using ASIO Guard, it’s not system specific (as this happens on both machines) and the plugins are not in demo mode.

Sometimes I get a loud noise (low frequency) and the meter will be at maximum, and won’t go down until a certain time has passed.

This didn’t happen until I started using VST3 versions of the affected plugins. The most common ones are:

Fabfilter Pro-Q 3
Waves RBass

The only workaround is to either restart Nuendo, or remove the plugin. Bypassing or Disable doesn’t help.

Anyone experienced this?