VST3 Preset Mangment

I recently decided to to organize my Sylenth1 presets with the Cubase 7 using the “Convert program list to vst presets” with the drop down menu found on the VST. I have found the VST3 Preset folder (withni window 7) and decided to edit and organize the names in a simple and clean format. Eg. (arp 1, arp 2, arp 3, ect…) After completely editing the all file names (in Bulk) they have not changed in the Cubase vst preset management file system. and none of the presets load up.

Also… When deleting the VST3 Presets directly from window 7 file browser… the do NOT delete from the Cubase file browser.

Can we change the names of these presets in bulk? (I have 1000’s of presets)
Can I remove presets after they are created?
Can I somehow refresh this list of vst3 Presets in the database?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Rescan folder in Mediabay?

sylenth1 is not vst3?

I would suggest to drop entirely VST3 presets management with any third party VST 2.x plug-in, as Sylenth1 is. It has never worked reliably for me, from which I NEVER trusted Mediabay for any presets saving with non VST3 plug-ins. When using Sylenth1 (which is VST2.4), I use only its own presets and banks management, after having saved all these in a dedicated folder, out of any possible Mediabay scan. Works perfectly and this, since more than three years.

The main problem, beside Mediabay hiccups, is : when you tweak a preset or make a new one from scratch, in which format are you going to save it ? vstpreset ? Then you no longer have up to date .fxp/.fxb files. fxp/fxb ? Then you won’t be able to use the Mediabay thingy for it. This without speaking of using both, leading to a double format/double list presets management hell…

The good answer, for me, is clearly the second one : keep on using fxp/fxb files for saving, as it allows you to have in the ‘Program selector’ of the track inspector all the presets of the last bank loaded in Sylenth1 listed, without worrying of Mediabay. With one simple bank, you have already 4 x 128 = 512 presets at disposal…

I am on the other side of the fence from cubic13, because MediaBay is awesome here.

I maintain all VST presets with attributes and tags via MediaBay, and I have never had any problems. It helps a lot once you get used to it, or at least it helps me a lot. :slight_smile:

I even wish that MediaBay was also stand alone so that I could maintain the files separately from Cubase when needed.

yes mediabay is a great and powefull stuff when you learn how to use it ! and a “stand alone” version is a great idea !

thanks Everyone!!!

I found a way to organize all the pre-sets by creating separate folders labelled for each pre-set. Unfortunately I could not rename the pre-sets for better management, but the system I have is working great. I really Like mediabay for pre-sets… I just wish the while the browser for auditions audio files was quicker… I find I spent too much time waiting for track to load… I find is a lot fast to audition my samples and loops in Kontakt 5.