VST3 preset name display excessively short in Cubase 13

The VST preset name display is extremely short in Cubase 13, such that only very few characters are visible:


I recently upgraded from Cubase 10, where the display showed quite a few more characters:


The preset name conveys meaningful information.
You made the up/down buttons bigger at the expense of the preset name. The preset name is arguably more important.

Is it possible to enlarge this in order to show more characters? It seems that there is more than enough room, as virtually all plugins fill up way more horizontal space than is needed by the few controls up there.

If it’s currently not possible, it would be great if it could be be considered for a future update. It would greatly enhance usability for me (and probably others).

Developers could help, too. There are 3 different compressors here…
Screenshot (126)