VST3 Presets and "New Folder" - problems

hi all,

when saving a plugin preset, there is an option to create a new folder. great - can neatly organise presets for different songs/projects. only trouble is, after successfully creating a new folder, and successfully saving a new preset into that folder, when i go to “load preset”, C6 isn’t seeing the folder at all. very annoying.

anybody else finding this? is it a bug? or something i’m missing in the way this system works?

First thing I am thinking about is : did you went in Mediabay and checked that your new folder is marked for scanning and has actually been so ? Sadly, this is more or less mandatory with the VST3/Mediabay system.

I avoid to use this one as much as I can ; actually, I only use vstpresets with the bundled VST3 Fx effects in Cubase : it’s still clumsy, more than 5 years after its release, but sometimes, like this one, you can’t avoid its use.

If you’ve created a plugin folder and put a .dll file inside and assumed it is a VST plugin, check that the plugin is not an instrument. Go to VST instrument drop down menu and see if your newly made folder is there.