VST3 Presets for HS3

Because of an operating system rebuild, I’ve had to re-download Dorico Playback 2 (30 GB), which uses Symphonic Orchestra sounds, and which seem to provide most of the default sounds for the instruments chosen in Setup mode. The download was successful but, in opening Dorico 2, I get the following error message:

“Some content could not be loaded. Either, licenses are missing, or trial licenses have expired
VST3 Presets for HS3
Find out more on how to activate your trial licenses permanently, or remove expired licenses.”

The result is that most of the selected instruments don’t play. I’ve run eLicenser Maintenance, which indicates no problems, but there is no reference to VST3, so I don’t know how to provide a license for it. The Steinberg Help pages are of no help here, referring only to Cubase and other fancy devices; and “activating” a license seems really to mean paying money for it.

I would greatly appreciate being told how to get my Dorico 2 working again.


I’ve no idea what went wrong, but 30Gb sounds much too big. The “free” version that works with Dorico is more like 8 or 10 Gb to download.

Presumably you have downloaded the full “paid for” version instead, somehow.

Is it possible that you’ve downloaded HALion Sonic 3 rather than HALion Sonic SE 3 at some point?

Take a look in Programs and Features and see if HALion Sonic 3 is listed – but be careful not to get it confused with HALion Sonic SE 3. You want to keep HALion Sonic SE 3, but you can (and probably should) uninstall HALion Sonic 3.

Rob, I did mis-speak: Dorico Playback 2 is just short of 6 GB. I said 30GB because I had started to download HALion 3 “components” by clicking the HALion 3 icon in Steinberg Download Assistant, thinking (erroneously) that that was where the Playback 2 download was located. After some download failures, I began to realize I needed to look elsewhere – namely under Dorico 2. To be sure, downloading 30GB would have taken my DSL connection about 3 days. (Playback 2 took about 14 hours after a few failed tries. DSL works best on a quiet system.)


Are you using a download manager? That should automatically pick up dropped connections etc and restart from where it got to last time, not from the beginning again.

I haven’t used one for a long time (my ISP keeps giving me “free” speed upgrades as they update the network in the neighbourhood - currently I get 80Mbps on a good day which equates to a few minutes per Gb) but AFAIK most modern browsers have one as a plugin.

“Are you using a download manager?”
I’ve been using Steinberg Download Assistant, which has a pretty good interface. if a download hangs it allows one to restart, but in my experience it doesn’t restart where if stopped, but restarts many Mbs or even Gbs earlier – which doesn’t help much on a slow connection.