VST3 Scan Causes Crash - Falcon 2.8.1 issue

Since updating, VST Live 1.1.10 now crashes on its start-up VST3 initialisation scan on a number of Arturia and iZotope plugins (and maybe more). I have tried rolling back to previous working versions, but they all now have the same issue (some common DLL that doesn’t get unistalled?). My Cubase 12.0.50 and Dorico 4.3 (and Reaper 6.69) are not affected so I doubt this is a VST3 issue. Running this on Windows 10 21H2 with 32GB ram. Anyone know if there is a VST Live crash dump? Unlike Cubase, VST Live doesn’t seem to try to restart in a safe mode.

All Arturia up-to-date run fine here. Maybe you can try and disable some plugs (i.e. iZotope) to narrow it down.
VST Live keeps results from crashing plugs so you may have to try several times.
You may also send us your plugins info so we can check, on Windows its located at
C:\Users<your name>\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\VST Live_64.
Crashlogs are also saved in
C:\Users<your name>\Documents\Steinberg\CrashDumps

Hi thanks for the info. Got it sorted. Without removing any VST3 I started by deleting VstPlugins.xml for a fresh file. When the (first) crash occurred the last entry showed the Arturia Farsifa V with Info damaged = “1”. The VST3 that loaded okay before the Farsifa was Falcon (important!). I then loaded the crash dump into WinDbg and ‘analysis -v’ showed the cause to be actually Falcon! The version in question was 2.8.1. I removed it and VST Live didn’t crash. Finally checked my UVI Portal and there was an update (2.8.2). Installed the update and VST Live is happy.

… excellent news! Thank you for sharing.