VST3 snapshot size bug


I’ve updated our plugins to support the new snapshot feature and tested this in Cubase 10.
The snapshot shows up but it’s not scaled properly. Same thing happens with vst3 sdk examples
vst3 snapshot.png

I cannot find any size / aspect ratio in the sdk docs:

The image format must be PNG
The image needs to be located inside the bundle directory in the folder Resources/Snapshots/
The filename must start with the unique ID of the audio processor printed in the form 84E8DE5F92554F5396FAE4133C935A18 followed by the string _snapshot and optionally followed by the HiDPI scale factor _2.0x and ending with the file extension .png.
For example again’s snapshot must be named:
84E8DE5F92554F5396FAE4133C935A18_snapshot_2.0x.png for the 2x scaled HiDPI variant.
If the HiDPI scale factor is omitted, a scale factor of 1 is used.

So is this a Cubase 10 bug or should the snapshot follow certain size restrictions ?


Yeah, that’s a bug in Cubase and will be fixed before Christmas.


Ok, thanks Arne.
I guess I should probably wait for the Cubase fix before releasing an updated plug-in,
as this would confuse users.