VST3 steinberg fx plugins C11


Just updated to C11 from C10.5, however all the new the steinberg fx plugins such as Imager, Squeezer etc are not showing. I can see them in the plugin manager but not when I come to use them. They appear to now be stored within the cubase applications content folder, is that right? If so how does this work? I have tried to raise a support ticket, unfortunately the steinberg system doesn’t work, useless.
Any help regarding the plugins would be much appreciated.

Did you created a custom VST plugin collection?
If so, change to the “Standard” one will bring back the new VST’s…

Thanks for getting back.
All the library paths I have are as follows, also I am using Mac Osx 10.14
/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/VST2
I installed C11 on my laptop last night and it all works fine, library paths are the same.

Hi again,

Sorry, just figured it out.
I realise what you mean by changing to standard.
Thanks for your help

Was that the solution? Or still problems?

Absolutely, thanks again