VST3 vs 2.4 in C9 Pro

So just a silly question…
After the sentinel ran I’m left with some “dups” still good… the only difference is one is VST 2.4 64 bit and the other just says VST3. Am I to assume that it’s best to go with the VST3 and just mark the vst 2.4 as not active? Thanks for the silly question. Just trying to clean up with C9

I suggest using the VST3 version

The biggest unreasonable annoying issue with VST3 plugins is that those cannot be installed to arbitrary location, those are always installed to system drive (ask Steinberg why). There is a workaround (using symbolic links), but it’s typically easier just to use VST2 version of plugin as long as it’s provided along with VST3 one.

Also, at least in older Cubase versions like Cubase 5, VST2 plugins can easily be arbitrarily grouped into categories just by moving DLLs into corresponding drive subfolders, while VST3 plugins are automatically grouped by their predefined type which is not always intuitive and usable.

That’s what Plug-in Manager is for, you have to create a new collection before you can move them around and create or remove folders. No need moving dll’s in explorer anymore.

That’s nice. Still the main issue with VST3 plugins forcedly installed to system drive is unfortunately unsolved.