VST3 vs. VST2.4 plugin compatibility

How come some VST3 plugins that work in WL8 do not work, and sometimes crash WL, when run as VST2.4 (all under 32 bit)?

Case in point my post about the Melda Production “MDynamic EQ” below. It works as VST3 but crashes Wavelab when run in the VST2.4 version (which works fine everywhere else). I have since discovered other plugins that behave the same.

Is support of VST2.4 being phased out or what?

Vst 2.4 plugins are properly supported and there is no plan to change this.
I guess the plugins you mention have a problem.

I’ve found that plugin installer programs sometimes install all formats of a plugin at the same time, without giving any choice to the user. In these cases, I either find and delete the VST2.4 version or, if I want to use it in a host that doesn’t support VST3, move it into a folder specific to that host. The way I look at it, for those hosts that support VST3 there’s no point in having the VST2.4 version visible to it as well. I think it’s best to decide on one VST version or the other.

Removing the VST2.4 version of that plugin from WaveLab’s path should cure the problem either way, at least I can think of no possible advantage to having it visible to a VST3 host.

If you tried the plugin as I reported previously, and not the VST3 version, you would see that it crashes WL8. This plugin works PERFECTLY everywhere else, including Cubase.

Stop blaming all of Wavelab’s BUGS on everyone ELSE!! I’ve reported several problems here and all you keep saying is “it’s not WL8 fault”. WL8 has PROBLEMS! I paid $500 for it. Please tell me how to UNREGISTER it so I can SELL IT or get a refund. I’m DONE with IT!!!

No more posts from me. No more Steinberg for me. :imp: :smiling_imp:

I’m sorry you feel upset, but in the same time, you’re telling me that the VST3 version of the plugin works with WaveLab, but not the VST2 version. Then simply use the VST3 version…

This is just ridiculous.
I also have problems in WL8 with a plugin I use all the time. In every other host it works fine. But as I expectetdthis very standard answer (its’s the plugins fault) I don’t even bother to mention it…

Here ya go: Resale Wizard.