VST3 - where next..? SB in a pickle..?

Was over at KVR - read the following:-

I remember SB said they could easily wait five years for it to grow and take hold, when it was launched oh, like around five years ago… Hmmm…

So, from that thread, all I can see is the spectre of more fragmentation - oddly fuelled by SB themselves.

I think VST2 is around for the long haul (think WinXP… :wink:).

Interesting times.

Steinberg released an iOS VST wrapper so they and others can resell to the iPad crowd. With Cubasis supporting Apple’s Inter App Audio standard using instruments and effects not part their DAW becomes very much like using VSTs on a desktop. The tech is in its infancy and experiencing the expected growing pains but SB is in the forefront of traditional music software vendors exploring the iPad market.

Cakewalk adopted VST3 with their latest Sonar incarnation (X3.) Reaper will be VST3 compatible when version 5 is released. I’m sure other DAW’s will follow. As for plugins, an increasing number of developers are starting to release VST3 versions of their products. It might take longer than Steinberg expected, but VST3 will definitely become a standard.

Synthedit is also beta testing a version 3 SDK that pumps out VST3 and compatible plugins, so a large number of freeware VST/i SE based plugins might become available in the near future that are VST3 and 64bit compatible.

Thanks for those posts guys - sounds more encouraging… :slight_smile: Any other views…?