VST3PlugInTestHost Questions

Wondering if anyone could provide a link to the pdf manual for the VST3 PlugIn Test Host application included in the VST3 sdk. When selecting the application’s help menu item an error occurs referencing the non-existent pdf manual.

I have developed, compiled, and linked my vst and run it through validator, all successful. At this point I would like to load it into the VST3 PlugIn Test Host and perform further testing but cannot determine how to load my vst into test host application or what path the application uses to find vsts to load. I have tried placing the vst in the same directory as the test host application but still no vsts are seen by host.

Drop lists in Vst Rack section of user interface show no effects and no vst instruments.

Any help would be appreciated.

please open the index.html located in the root folder of the SDK for the documentation.
First read the chapter about “Locations/Format” to get an idea where to place the plug-in. Then you can read about the PluginTestHost in the chapter “Test Applications”.

I hope this helps,

I did read the docs under Test Applications (previously) but missed the format / locations.

Thank you for the help.