VST4 installation problem

Hi there, just downloaded VST4 and (unlikely to VST3 installation) got all sounds in Download folder. Where to transfer files to be visible for Cubase 10.5? When I try to use Library manager and “move” option cannot see any folder prepared for that by Cubase. How to deal with that? Thank you

Hi, thanks for your response. Following the link you gave me I’ve got at the moment everything downloaded in my Download folder as before. The difference is it is packed in one folder Steinberg/WIN64 etc. Still don’t know how to make it visible for Cubase.
Point 2 says about downloading and point 3 says about where I should find downloads. But I don’t. How to move apps and samples to Cubase?

Just to make it clear where I am:
Cubase 10.5 downloaded, installed and registered
VST4 downloaded - apps installed and registered, content downloaded and registered.
What should I do next, what to do with content in my Download folder? How to install it? Thank you