VSTAudioEngine constantly crashing

Exporting to WAV did not work for the broken projects - simply an empty audio file.

Routing for Voicemeeter is:

Dorico → Voicemeeter Virtual ASIO VM-VAIO 1/VM-VAOI 2 → Voicemeeter VAIO (Desktop In) → Headphones

(Pictured is output levels from previewing a note in dorico, can see in VAOI In and Physical out A1)

Hi @ah309 , please open a non-sounding project and then open the Dorico Mixer window (F3). Is there any channel set to mute or solo state? Does the level meter of the master output channel flicker when you start the playback?

Confirmed that VSTAudioEngine is no longer crashing so marked the post above from @Ulf as the solution for that. Thanks again for the debugging session - seems I’m left with a NotePerformer expression map issue which I’ll hunt for a solution for, and post a new issue if I can’t get anywhere.

Very much appreciate the help!

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Found that importing NotePerformer expression maps manually fixes the playback problem, though this needs to be done on each new project - not sure why its missing but there’s a workaround at least!

NP Exp maps are at Program Files/NotePerformer/Dorico

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